Hypothetical Manufacturer Ltd is a very large multinational manufacturer and retailer working in the home and living category. They have strong brand recognition in most markets. Currently they have over 50 websites all hosted on ccTLDs (Country code top-level domains) which sell the same products in each of these territories. All of these localised sites contain broadly the same content which has been translated. Currently there is no hreflang implementation of any sort. At the moment, all 50 of the sites rank for their core brand term in their own market and are managing to compete on other high volume terms. 

HM Ltd want to launch a new site in Switzerland. French and German are both spoken in Switzerland widely. Currently, the client has sites in both French (.fr) and German (.de). HM limited intend to import the content from the French site and from the German site into the Switzerland site to establish a body of content in that territory quickly. As they are not seeing any issues on other territories, they believe this is a valid and sensible approach.

Do you agree? What would you expect the outcome to be if this approach was taken?